Ever wanted to make 3D art or develop a game, and didn’t know where to begin?

This Page is for you!

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If you want to support the project and at the same time get some value back, here are a few ways to do so.

Game ready 3D models

Check out our models on CGTrader


See our NFTs at Foundation

High quality prints

Check out the Artstation prints

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Free assets

What? Free assets? Yeah, thats right. Get those assets and use them in your projects as you like. We don‘t release all game assets, since some of them are of course very essential for the identity of the game. But many assets are freely shared with all of you.

Download free assets

private tutoring

You feel stuck in your 3D learning journey and need help on specific topics? We offer 1 on 1 tutoring sessions. After getting to know each other and learning about your specific needs, we can give advice on:

  • how to learn effectively, the best learning path to getting better at 3D modeling, where to find good learning ressources for Blender and UE, or whatever else you would like to talk about


If you need guidance on specific workflows, topics that can be covered in a series of learning sessions (typically between 2-5 sessions) could be:

  • The beginner’s guide to 3D – production pipeline, software, workflows, terminology, how to learn
  • Creating game-ready assets in Blender and Substance Painter
  • How to make banger renders in Blender – all about shading, lighting, composition, post processing
  • Character creation for games – sculpting, modeling, retopology, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging and posing / animation
  • Creating beautiful realistic environments in Unreal Engine – heighmaps, automaterials, foliage, splines


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