The character comes in 2 versions: A highpoly version for close-up shots / high-quality renders, and a midpoly version to be placed in larger scenes or for use in game development. You can disable the helmet or make the visor translucent if you want to use your own animated character head (e.g. a Metahuman character) for your shots.Includes 3 different texture versions: White, Yellow and Orange. The normal map was baked from a high poly sculpt. All textures are in 4K.The character comes with a simple rig (Mixamo), so it is possible to easily apply mocap animations from Mixamo, or retarget to any other animation data. The character is weightpainted so the rig holds up for most animation purposes. If you need more extreme body deformations you might have to use blend shapes. Also, if you need more realistic animations (like bendy bones for the tubes or cloth animation for the belts), you might have to adjust the rig.The skeletons in the Unreal Engine 5 project file are already retargeted. You just need to apply your animations and you are ready to go.

It is now available on CGTrader:

-> Full package for Blender and UE, midpoly and highpoly model

-> Blender package with midpoly model


Behind the scenes Project updates


Using the environment that I created in Unreal Engine 5, I created a collection of 10 high quality images.

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Free assets


We just released two new free assets. A scifi staff and a rigged creature model. Hope you can find a good use for them in [...]

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